demented_duck (demented_duck) wrote,

*Dusts off the journal...*

Well, it certainly has been a long time since I've updated this journal. I'm kinda hating it right now. I should be able to update more often because I've now joined a computer class at school.(Electronic Design) =)
I finally managed to kill my home computer, promting my mom to take it to get fixed after two and a half years of frustration and strife. We thought it would only take a couple days, but it turns out I FRIED our HARD-DRIVE, so it's been gone for eight days now. This is a problem for me, because lately I've become completely dependant on the smutty yaoi manga found on yaoi daily, and I haven't seen ANY since the computer died.
On the good side, the computer will finally be debugged, and I'll be able to get back in touch with Cindy and Bronwen and everyone else I've lost touch with. (I miss you=( ) I'll be sure to check in once the comp's back, and maybe give this thing an overhaul, because it's looking goddamn ugly.
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