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*Dusts off the journal...* [05 Apr 2006|09:46am]
Well, it certainly has been a long time since I've updated this journal. I'm kinda hating it right now. I should be able to update more often because I've now joined a computer class at school.(Electronic Design) =)
I finally managed to kill my home computer, promting my mom to take it to get fixed after two and a half years of frustration and strife. We thought it would only take a couple days, but it turns out I FRIED our HARD-DRIVE, so it's been gone for eight days now. This is a problem for me, because lately I've become completely dependant on the smutty yaoi manga found on yaoi daily, and I haven't seen ANY since the computer died.
On the good side, the computer will finally be debugged, and I'll be able to get back in touch with Cindy and Bronwen and everyone else I've lost touch with. (I miss you=( ) I'll be sure to check in once the comp's back, and maybe give this thing an overhaul, because it's looking goddamn ugly.
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[22 Sep 2005|07:05pm]
[ mood | chipper ]

Saw me good friend Jen the other day, for the first time since June, and hung out at her house afterschool until my mom called me home to babysit. (Would have been nice if she had told me that was why she needed me home so early, I would have made the effort to be on time.) She showed me to her livejournal, and promtly did this for me, under the condition that I post here. Sorry I’ve taken so long, I’ve not been able to get on the computer for a while.


In any case, here it is…



I'll be pulling out the HTML codes for this.Collapse )

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Boring School Stuff [14 Sep 2005|06:50pm]
[ mood | bored ]

I have this strange need to write about my new school, despite the fact that very little has happened so far.

I have five classes I take daily. I have Drawing and Painting11/12, English11, Comparative Civilizations12, Principles of Math11, and Pottery11/12 in that order. It is a rather lax schedule, and I hope I don’t regret wasting my time on the wheel instead of buckling down and getting a science course out of the way.

So far, drawing and painting has just been doodling with charcoal and ink and pastel, no real artistic freedom yet, but I enjoyed the contour drawings with apples. (Many people hate contour drawings, not being able to look at the paper, and for things like people and landscapes it is not a good technique, but some of my favourite drawings of objects have been of the contour kind. If it’s done right, you get this adorable cartoony look and a shape that is closer to the object than you could get by looking between the object and your drawing.) We do almost everything in art with apples.

In English, we’ve done three pieces of writing. The first was a childhood memory which may or may not have been yours, (got into groups of three and exchanged stories, picked the best one, everyone in the group wrote the story as if it happened to them, and the rest of the class guessed who it really happened to.) second was a descriptive paragraph on a picture cut out of the National Geographic, and the third was a love letter to my favourite place.

Comp. Civ. Is a weird subject, because I’ll be getting so many social studies credits I’ll be drowning in them, but so far all we do is sit down, do a little reading about the 12th century, answer a few questions on it, and spend the rest of class discussing penises. No, this is not a joke. O how I wish it was.

Math is kind of funny because there are about six of us in the class. Everyone in the school took Essentials instead of Principles because it’s easier. However, You don’t get the credits to graduate from Essentials, and it’s not as though Principles is terribly exerting, and once I’m done this course I’ll have my credits and from January on I will never have to do math again.

Pottery is all apples, just like D/P, and first thing we did when we got there was make our own. I’m proud to say that mine did NOT explode in the kiln. Other than that we’ve just been going over the basic techniques, like pinch, (easy) slab, (OMGDIE!!!11) and coil (puuurr). I’m beginning to develop a strong hatred for dry clay.

The people here are alright, most of them I don’t know, but there are some from my old school. Just some friendly faces, people I can laugh with during class, not really anyone I would spend time outside of school with. The only person with whom I can converse with about boys in lingerie and the likes is still back at Byng Sat, woe.

I wish I had some pink dildos or trash-can fires to speak of, but unfortunately, this school is much too organized for that. I am contemplating a visit back to Sat to check up on Sprocket and Val and Katrina, because insanity has been very lacking in my life for the past couple of weeks. Ah well, it will pick up sooner or later.~

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